// Property Refurbishments and House Extensions in Caversham | The Benefits of Extensions

Are you considering a new rear-facing extension? Wondering whether the new project is worth the investment? On this page, we will be exploring the advantages of extending your home. Based in Reading, S. Owers Building Ltd is a leading team of domestic builders and local contractors offering house extensions and a range of services in the Caversham area. 

Our options include:

  • Rear-Facing Extensions

  • Side-Return Extensions

  • Wraparound Extensions

  • Kitchen Remodelling

  • Structural Alterations

  • Bricklaying

  • Garden Walls

  • And More from a Trusted Local Contractor…

We will be considering three key factors on this page, including the value added, the importance of natural light and the amount of extra space.


// More Space

The number one reason to invest in one of our house extensions is the most obvious; it will add more space to your home. If your household feels cramped and in need of some extra breathing room, then one of our extensions is the perfect antidote. We offer a range of designs, from the smallest side extensions to wraparound, double storey builds that completely transform your living space.

If you would like to learn more about our property refurbishments, RSJ installations, bricklaying or any of the other services we offer in the Caversham area, get in touch with one of our domestic builders today.

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More Natural Light

One of the problems that we see time and time again is a lack of natural light. Many homes are poorly designed in relation to the rising and setting of the sun and are shrouded in darkness when they could be bright and vibrant. We help to solve that with thoughtful structural alterations and extensions that allow a healthy influx of natural light.

Added Value

Other than the clear practical benefits of house extensions, another clear benefit is the value it brings to your property. A well-built extension is a highly attractive asset to potential buyers. You can depend on our domestic builders at S. Owers Building Ltd to offer a high standard of workmanship for our extensions.

The same goes for our other projects. From garden walls and bricklaying to RSJ installations and property refurbishments, we maintain the same levels of quality across all our services in the Caversham area.



Call now on 07746 458550 for more information on our house extensions and property refurbishments. Our domestic builders operate across Caversham and the surrounding areas.

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